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At Paladion, we offer a comprehensive range of solution integration services to help businesses maximize their return on IT investments. For your commercial SIEM, PIM, Data Classification, WAF, Advanced Persistent Threat, Database Activity Monitoring, and Anti-DDOS Security Data Leak Prevention solutions to be effective and productive, it has to be fully integrated into your business in a meaningful and future-proof way.

In fact, the most feature-rich solutions can be virtually useless if the functionalities do not sync with your business. That’s where we come into play and bring a strong combination of in-depth domain expertise and years of experience of implementing commercial off-the-shelf software to the solution integration table. Besides, not every business has the resources available to work with COTS solutions. However, Paladion can help fill this gap! We are well aware of the unique challenges and tactical decisions to be made to help you bridge the gap between business needs and IT solutions.

By conducting in-depth gap analysis and applying reliable COTS integration methodology, Paladion has the ability to help all clients achieve a proper balance and leverage the software for the most optimal results. With a team of highly skilled developers and analysts by our side, Paladion can also handle any COTS product. Today, the business world is fast-paced unlike ever before. To stay relevant and ahead of your competitors, it’s important your COTS software is integrated smoothly into your business, covering all the goals you have set. We have helped several businesses on various solutions, concerning:

SIEM Solutions


Security Information and Event Management is growing in popularity not only because it serves as a security tool, but also due to the fact that it ensures compliance with several main industrial and regulatory security standards. By conducting an in-depth analysis of your IT infrastructure, Paladion will help identify, prioritize; and respond to threats within your network, allowing you to:

list-bullet   Take full advantage of mobile, remote and cloud-based capabilities.

list-bullet   Neutralize attacks before they cause any damage to your business.

list-bullet   Comply with industry-specific and government regulations.

In addition to our breadth of SIEM expertise, Paladion backs SIEM solutions through 24/7 monitoring of your IT infrastructure from our state-of-the-art Operations Center (Optional). This allows us to identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your system. Then, we provide you the right resources to respond to them in the best manner possible.


Managing your product information in a consistent manner is crucial for multi-channel success. At Paladion, we provide the flexible data management solution you need to effectively and efficiently enable this process.

Due to the flexibility and unique nature of our data models, it is possible to build assets and data management structures that perfectly fit your product information management needs across all business models and sectors.

Paladion offers fast and easy integration within existing IT structures, such as BI, ERP and CRM systems. Apart from this, we also allow businesses to:

Manage multi-channel product information of unstructured and structured product specific attributes in high volumes.

Effectively manage schemes, such as ETIM, [email protected]

Build flexible data and asset management structures.

Data Classification

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Your business creates an increasing volume of data every day. Valuable information is stored on your document stores and file servers, unrecoverable and unprotected because no one really knows where to find it. With data classification, you can regain control over your unstructured data in the best manner possible.

Paladion will provide appropriate data classification solutions, allowing you to select the classification approach that suits your business, whether it’s user-driven classification, automated classification or an amalgamation of classification techniques. It doesn’t matter which classification decision you make, rest assured it will be supported by our software.

By utilizing these data classification solution, users involved in data classification will be more data-aware. Moreover, they will have a better understanding of the policies surrounding data classification and realize the value of your business’ data.



By integrating with the WAF helping solution we’ll provide, you will be able to identify and prevent vulnerabilities on your website efficiently and immediately as it resolves the gap between actual security and compliance intentions. With this WAF integration, you will also be able to:

list-bullet   Identify and prevent website vulnerability with one turnkey solution.

list-bullet   Protect your website from application layer attacks.

list-bullet   Close the loop from website vulnerability identification to remediation.

list-bullet   Keep bad traffic away from your website, and allow good traffic in.

Advanced Persistent Threat Solutions


Paladion can successfully integrate highly sophisticated technologies to protect your business against a wide range of security threats. Our expertise and advanced threat protection knowledge can help businesses detect sophisticated malware, hence safeguarding your operations from advanced persistent threats, along with automating the resolution and containment of incidents that have already occurred.

Paladion will provide you with an advanced persistent threat solution, which will be able to create an environment that allows your business to:

Incorporate forensic intelligence functions and advanced incident response.

Proactively detect and prevent sophisticated threats.

Mange a cohesive security policy throughout the cloud as well as the enterprise.

Integrated advanced security technologies from the industry.

Database Activity Monitoring

Paladion can connect you to the most appropriate specialized database activity monitoring solution, which will monitor and record every single access to the database of your server, enabling you to secure your database infrastructure, meet compliance and audit obligations, protect sensitive business data as well as detect fraudulent activities. With this solution you will also be able to:

list-bullet    Comply with regulations

list-bullet    Monitor database activity and access

list-bullet    Easily install, use and maintain the solution

list-bullet    Track before and after audited data values

list-bullet    Receive alerts on unauthorized accesses to your databases

Anti-DDOS Security


With DDOS attacks on the rise, it has led to various overwhelming and complex security issues for businesses, whether big or small. While DDOS attacks aren’t a recent phenomenon, the resources and methods available to deal with and mask these attacks have evolved dramatically over the last few years. Hence, these attacks simply cannot be countered with traditional solutions.

At Paladion, we can help you address this issue and provide you an advanced DDOS security solution that matches the scale and sophistication of these threats. This solution can be used to prevent DDOS attacks of any size and form. It can also mitigate attacks that target ICMP and UDP protocols, DNS amplification, Layer 7 and SYN/ACK. So, don’t think about whether or not you need such protection, but rather when your business will be targeted for an attack.

Data Leak Prevention


One of the most serious issues for business today is data loss prevention, as the number of data loss incidents continues to increase. Whether it’s inadvertent or intentionally malicious, data loss can lead to a drop in shareholder value, diminish a business’s brand, as well as damage its reputation and goodwill.

Paladion can deliver the best security data leak prevention solution for your business, with which you will be able to help your business identify sensitive data, screen and control its usage, and protect your assets without disrupting business expansion and productivity.

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