Advanced Targeted Attacks Need Sophisticated Security Monitoring and Faster Response

Convert your existing investment in QRadar into a next generation security operations center to counter advanced attacks. Paladion’s CyberActive℠ SOC for Qradar provides you active detection and active response 24x7x364 with minimal investment.

Upgrade Your Current System

Transform your existing QRadar format into an advanced threat detection system without the additional costs associated with upgrades to your entire operation.

Deeper Security Monitoring and Faster Threat Response

Seamless Integration

CyberActive℠ SOC is enabled through the seamless integration of Paladion’s RisqVU ADR platform with IBM’s QRadar. This combines RisqVU’s big data analytics and orchestration platform that enhances the level of threat detection through QRadar and automates response measures.

Access to Experts

Our team is based in multiple security operation centers to provide redundant coverage and 24×7 active monitoring and response services. This combination of an analytics platform and expert skills gives you advanced capability to stop attacks.

Customized Use Cases

Our rule builder engine creates the right use cases for security monitoring by leveraging hundreds of built-in risk scenarios and customizing them to your context of data, users, assets, and threats.

Detection Improvement

Use the tools provided by a dedicated SIEM team armed with a big data security analytics platform to detect the latest and most advanced threats.

Advanced Monitoring

The rule builder integrates with QRadar and provides ready to deploy technical rules in QRadar format. The rule builder engine and our SIEM team develop stronger monitoring use cases making your QRadar more powerful in the process.

Discover Advanced Threats

Advanced threats are discovered using analytics and machine learning to detect patterns, outliers and abnormalities. Using QRadar and the big data analytical platform of RisqVU ADR, our data scientists and hunters can find sophisticated, low footprint threats.

Comprehensive Detection

ADR has statistical and machine-learning based detection models that can look through large volumes of current and historical data to detect threats. It augments QRadar functionality and AD analytics with deeper detection models across wider data sources.

Multiple Analytics

QRadar supports multi-source threat analytics with data from packet captures, proxy, netflow, DNS, AD, and IAM transactions along with historical data analytics of security products like SIEM, IPS, WAF, DLP, APT, ETDR, and anti-malware systems.

Advanced Alert System

Customize your remediation process with an advanced triage, prioritization, and validation system that provides actionable alerts.

Automate Triage

RisqVU ADR augments QRadar prioritization with more contextual triage parameters. We tune QRadar to evaluate and prioritize alerts based on threat feeds, event severity, and vulnerability data.

Prioritized Alerts

Every alert is further prioritized in the ADR platform based on each organization’s context including asset characteristics, user data, whitelisting, and watchlisting. ADR also analyzes historical patterns and prioritizes if a current alert is part of a historical attack campaign.

Professional Review

Every prioritized alert is reviewed and validated by SOC analysts before publication. With CyberActive℠ SOC, alerts are no longer sent based on thumb rules or selective picking, but rather on detailed triage performed by the QRadar and ADR platforms.

Incident Response

Respond quickly with a centralized and automated system that assures that the process of moving from an alert to confirming an incident happens in hours rather than days or weeks.

Centralized Investigation

Once an alert is prioritized, RisqVu ADR provides alert data in a single pane for easy investigation. ADR provides a centralized data discovery and investigation facility that includes runbooks, automated analytical tools and case management features.

Automated Response

Not only do the incident response experts in Paladion SOCs work through the ADR platform to provide 24×7 readiness to handle any incident, RisqVu ADR automates several tasks and centralizes the task management and reporting activities for incident response.

Custom Reports and Dashboards

Our risk and compliance analysts use the RisqVu platform to create long term analytical reports and dashboards using historical data based on your business and threat profile. With CyberActive℠ SOC, you get real time reporting and dashboarding and fast historical reporting and analysis.

Deeper Security Monitoring and Faster Threat Response


Upgrade your SOC with Security Analytics and Orchestration

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