Did you know that cyber criminals never use known malware or hacking techniques to penetrate your defenses, and they never utilize automated cracker technologies to do the job; it is always a new malicious program or variation of existing ones and creative evasion of your defenses. This makes the attack landscape, disruptive, erratic, and most importantly Active.

Defenses set up for an adversary that is moving, pushing, shifting and innovating in cyberspace needs strategies that are equally dynamic and Active. Security that products are able to deliver is still quite passive in nature. This is why we’ve created the CyberActive℠ mode, which binds security talent that thinks like attackers with a proprietary cyber platform that is build to enhance and support the analysts’ capabilities.

Protect Your Business Customers Future

Active, Continuous Protection from Threats

Move to a security model that continually shapes up to meet the shifting cyber landscape


Orchestration Platform

Tap into advanced risk triage capabilities


Security analytics workbench

Prioritize and investigate threats


Seamless Collaboration

Integrate your security products with an agnostic platform


Support on Tap

Access threat feeds, incident responders and SMEs anytime


A to Z customization

From security frameworks to testing programs


Dedicated Experts

Tap into a wider talent pool from across the globe


Global Delivery Model

Choose from Captive, On Premise or MSSP models


Wider Network

Leverage a global network of cyber security centers

Combat Active, Sophisticated Cyber Threats

Combat Creative Cyber Attacks with Holistic Security Programs

CyberActive™ MDR

Predict — Prevent — Respond

Keep pace with today’s dynamic threat landscape with round-the-clock cyber security monitoring enhanced by actionable threat intelligence from ten security operations centers from across the globe.

CyberActive™ VM

Find — Fix — Protect

Uncover vulnerabilities and detect hidden attack surfaces on networks, web applications, and mobile apps with state-of-the-art tools and skilled manual testers enriched with up-to-date vulnerability intelligence.

CyberActive℠ DevSecOps

Build — Secure — Deploy

Rapidly bring new features and advancements. Don’t compromise your sprint on code; get seamless and transparent security processes for your DevSecOps teams.

CyberActive℠ CloudOps

Migrate — Secure — Operate

Ensure your cloud platforms, apps, users, and data are secure as they are transitioned and operated in public, private or hybrid clouds.

Shift from Passive to Active

An effective security model should prevent attacks from actually happening, but static frameworks that dependent on security products could get you into a never ending catch and fix cycle. An active security framework with predictive threat intelligence can enable organizations to foresee threats and apply the right defensive strategies. The CyberActive℠ model uses anticipatory threat intelligence from Paladion’s global network of virtually connected security operations centers to help you prevent attacks and achieve better cyber resiliency.

Alerts of Pending Attacks, so You’re Prepared

CyberActive™ brings with it a vendor agnostic security monitoring platform that can integrate security data from various security technologies, so you can prioritize, investigate and respond to threats faster. Our big data platform helps you move away from rule and signature based detection to an active detection mode, so you can foresee attacks and predict the chances of its success, and reduce the impact in the event of a breach.

Don’t just be proactive, be CyberActive